The add-on analyzes 12 behavior parameters in real time and does not bother existing clients. The add-on takes into consideration cursor movement and speed, scrolling, exits, active viewing times for each page. The add-on uses analytics unique for your website and literally becomes smarter every day.

The add-on does not bother 1-2% of people who have placed an order, have bought something from you or are checking your contacts page. These 1-2% are already your customers.

The add-on also wouldn’t bother those 75% of your visitors who do not show signs of active engagement. They are random visitors. They take a quick look and leave quickly. There’s no point in talking to them. They are not yet ready to buy.

We are after 23% of your visitors who are “sitting on the fence.” The objective is “to grab” them before they leave. The add-on is looking for that perfect moment when these visitors are most likely to say yes to talking to someone on the phone.