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This Revolutionary Website Add-On tracks all the interested visitors to your website. If one of them decides to leave without taking a desired action, the add-on connects him to a live human being in just 26 seconds.

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The add-on tracks website visitors in real time, analyzing their behavior and engagement. It learns with time and adapts its algorithm to a specific website.

The add-on starts a dialog with most engaged visitors, asks them questions and identifies their needs.

It then asks for a website visitor’s phone number and guarantees a call back from a live human being in just 26 seconds, creating a truly wow customer experience..

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Michael Ovchinnikov
Founder and CEO,

After we started using the GMCF Add-on, the number of calls from our website increased by 43% and our entire sales department received a huge bonus!!!

Olga Petrova
Marketing, PR and Business Development at Legal Auto Experts, Inc.